Here We Go Again

Looking at my previous posts, it's funny how I always seem to be inspired to share my experiences at the very beginning of something new when I know nothing of what I am talking about.  New babies, breastfeeding, plant-based diet.  It's pretty easy to share our excitement when we first start out with something we … Continue reading Here We Go Again

Day Five: Pizza Probs

Hello, my name is Erikka, and I am addicted to pizza.  I knew that pizza would be my Achilles's heal when it came to eating plant based.  They have vegan pizza, but I hate, hate, HATE Daiya cheese, which is most commonly used.  Why the heck does it have to be so slimy and stick … Continue reading Day Five: Pizza Probs

Day Four: He Said Yes

On the same night that I watched "Forks Over Knives", my husband decided to go ahead and get it out of the way.  He is deeply disturbed by thinking about what goes on inside our bodies.  So I knew that this movie would convince him if nothing else could.  Matt is also super sensitive (Aww..) … Continue reading Day Four: He Said Yes

Day Three: The Infamous “Forks Over Knives”

Day three... Boom!  Done!  It wasn't without its trials though.  Today that southern heat had me feeling lazy.  We stayed in today and I didn't feel like cooking much, so we mostly had leftovers and easy food.  My lack of food choices lead me to have some pretty strong cravings.  I didn't give in, but … Continue reading Day Three: The Infamous “Forks Over Knives”

Day Two: BarbeWHO?

Round two!  Ding!  Ding!  Our second day of transitioning to a plant-based life went smoothly, I believe.  We were a little creative in the kitchen and had some laughs.  Dada let me sleep in today for the first time in FOREVER, so he made Matty some grapes, bananas, and whole wheat toast.  I woke up … Continue reading Day Two: BarbeWHO?

Day One: Reconditioning

Today was the official first full day of beginning a vegan lifestyle.. again.  I maintained veganism for a couple of months before our wedding back in April.  It all went downhill when I went on our honeymoon cruise.  There was just so much food that looked delicious and tempting.  I fell into the pressure, and … Continue reading Day One: Reconditioning

Rabbit Hole

Every woman has to have that part inside of them that longs to fall down the rabbit hole. We long for an escape to a place with tea, flowers and timely bunny rabbits. Just to experience a madness of a place beside inside our turbulent homes. To step barefoot on fallen leaves rather than fallen … Continue reading Rabbit Hole

People, Please Pump!

I always thought that I was doing something great by only giving my son breast and not bottles.  I am very blessed to have the opportunity to solely breastfeed.  I don't have the need to pump and store milk, but when I do, I just pump enough to mix up some homemade baby food.  My … Continue reading People, Please Pump!

Shits and Giggles

Based on my experience during pregnancy, I was not prepared for the massive ambush poop was going to take on my life.  When my belly was weighing me down, I couldn't even feel the relief of having a food baby for weeks and sometimes it felt like months.  Constipation is something we probably all had … Continue reading Shits and Giggles

Extreme Baby Obsessions

It seems that as soon as we become a mother we are driven to the most extreme version of everything.  During pregnancy, our bodies are pushed to the limits as we force our legs to carry two people, well more like drag two people.  When we give birth our "hoo-has" are wondering what the heck … Continue reading Extreme Baby Obsessions